Last day...

FYI, my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL... EVER... is tomorrow (technically today). January 30, 2006. NO MORE. Zilch. Nada. Finale. Foreva, eva. Foreva, eva. FOREVA, EVA!!!!

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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I GREW !!!

Apparently, I've grown the past year. Believe it or not, I'm just a hair away from 5 foot 9! Yah, I don't really think it's true either, but whatever, I'm happy!

Anyhow, I said I would update this LJ as regularly as possible, and it's already been more than a week since my last entry. Well, I'm pretty sleepy right now, but I thought I should make SOME sort of post. So yah... last week, I was one of the lucky few (15 out of 400+) at my school (Expression: College of the Digital Arts), to be selected to work with A RECORDING/PRODUCING LEGEND, Eddie Kramer. Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones... any of those ring a bell? Well, Eddie Kramer was the producer of all of them, plus many others. He's seriously one of THEE engineers of the classic rock days.

So, it was a 3 day affair (Monday - Wednesday), from 10am - midnight. We recorded a band called "Paradigm", which consisted of 4 band members plus a female singer. They were pretty much pop rock, which has its + and -'s, but I dug them. They were pretty nice people too, though I didn't interact with them too much. The other kids and me were pretty much just Eddie's slaves the entire time. I actually didn't get as involved as I would have liked to. I just sorta sat back and observed Eddie at work. The studio was already pretty cramped with 15 students in there, and I got pretty turned off by Eddie's incredibly HUGE ego. Well, it's to be expected, and of course, very well deserved. He IS EDDIE KRAMER, after all, and I'm just some scrub student trying to get my foot in the door of the industry, but sometimes I just can't stand cockiness. This is a bad thing too, because if I want to make it anywhere in this industry, I'm gonna have to learn to deal with it for the rest of my life. It's not really a pride thing (like I feel like I'm worthless or something), it's just more like I'm not fond of the idea of anyone thinking they are so high above everyone else. The only exception to this, though, is USHER, of course =).

Anyways, here's some pictures of Eddie Kramer in one of our studios. I took these pics with my camera phone...

All in all, it was a good experience, and I'm glad I could be a part of it.

Well, I was going to write more, but I'm too tired now, so I'm going to bed. Before I leave though, check out this link: - AWESOME!
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My preciouuuusss...

So, today my family and I celebrated my brother's 31st birthday. I drove down to Milpitas to eat dim sum at this placed called Mayflower (like every other Chinese restaurant is called). Of course, the food was YUMMY, and the company was the best. My Mom is up from LA for a few weeks and my sister brought baby Arielle along (she's 9 months old now). I'm so proud of my niece already. Everywhere we go people stare at her because she's the cutest baby EVER! Take a look at this picture I took with my new cell phone. My sister was trying to feed her cheerios and tofu...


After that we went to Dave & Busters and played 2 intense games of shuffle board. First round was my bro, his wife, and me against my sis, her husband, and my Mom. We won that round 21 to 16 (or something like that), and then after that it was boys against girls. Ummm, the ladies kicked our asses. =P

Later on in the day, I gave my brother his birthday gift. So basically, my brother is this big LOTR fan, and he also is a pretty dedicated collector (except mostly just with Star Wars stuff). Anyways, for those that know, I collect model kits and I have a painter in Arizona who does commission work for me. He's professional and has done work for Todd McFarlane and now he's even working with Peter Jackson on an original KING KONG VS T-REX kit. The name's John Allred, and you can check out his work here -

So basically, my brother has been admiring the work John has done for me and his other clients so I decided to ask John to paint something for him as a gift. Well, this is what John came up with (left: before, right: after)

Pictures can only show so much, but seriously, the level of detail on John's paintup (opposed to the pre-painted version) is immensely better. Needless to say, my brother was really happy with the gift and I was really happy that I could give it to him.

Lastly, so I got a facebook account after all. My roomate hooked me up with a new berkeley email through her a cappella group, since it's a student group. Brilliant! Thanks so much Miss Tuna!

Anyhow, I think I'm going to call it a night. Hasta luego.

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Back from the dead...

Yup, it's me, updating my journal for the first time since a year ago. Not really sure why I decided to post now... but lately, more than ever, I've realized SOOOO many of my friends have moved away from the Bay and it's so difficult to keep in touch! I miss you guys! Now all I have left here are my sexy hot statues... Well, that's a lie, I still got some of my closest friends around here, but the majority of them have graduated and moved on to bigger and better things.

Anyways, so yah, this is my attempt to reconnecting with some of you. I thought maybe I should try those myspace/facebook things, but facebook rejected me! Apparently, they need my berkeley email address and since I graduated 2 years ago, my email has expired!!! And the current school I'm attending, Expression, isn't a registered school with facebook. How lame.

But, besides missing my friends, life has been treating me pretty well. Of course, I'm still doing the music thing. Theresa and I will be putting out our first album together this Fall. Yup, two and a half years together and we still haven't released our full-length CD. Ah well, it's coming soon, and I hope all our supporters are still eagerly awaiting to hear the finished product. We collaborated with some amazing musicians too (one in particular that I will let ya'll know about later) so I'm really pumped up.

I still work at EB Games (soon to be called Game Stop) on Telegraph but I'm getting pretty tired of it. But, I need the money to pay off this horrendous debt that I've gotten myself into so I'm sticking with the job til I find a better one. Actually, I've applied to some sushi restaurants, hoping to get a waiter job so I can earn the big tips. No luck so far though. =/

And hmmm... so much to say (pretty hard to cover a whole year in one journal entry) but let's see... I've been working on my websites a lot lately. Here are all 3 of them for you that don't know:

music page -
personal page -
statue/kit page -

I actually just completely revamped my site, so feel free to visit it and leave me some guestbook messages if you have time. I changed guestbook services so all my previous guestbook entries are not readily available. So, the only entry that exists in the current guestbook is one from me =).

Well... I'm off to bed. It's been a long day (maybe I'll actually elaborate on that tomorrow) and I have another long one tomorrow. I'm heading down to Milpitas to celebrate my brother's birthday. I can't wait to give him his present. He's gonna love it. I'll post pictures of it tomorrow.


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